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Outcomes & Student Success

Three female graduates stand together wearing caps and gowns while holding their diplomas
Davis College graduates are prepared to pursue rewarding careers thanks to their professional training

Discover What Davis College Graduates Have to Say About Their Professional Career Training…

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Student Success Stories

Jared Grunberg (Business Management Program / Grad June 2021)

“I could not believe how personalized my learning was. With the smaller classroom sizes, I was able to get any question I had answered in no time. Everyone at Davis College is there to help you achieve your goals. If it was not for the amazing commitment of the staff/faculty, I would still be working late hours and not loving what I do.”

After graduation, Jared received the position of Marketing Assistant at Davis College. He has played a key role assisting those in our Marketing department and along with our International students.

Dan Brunner (Business Management Program / Grad. 2014)

Dan Brunner“My experience was great. I was able to have a number of really smart individuals not only teach the things we were learning in classes, but also to listen to their life experiences and see the real-life application to terms and concepts we were covering in classes. The student body was diverse which I loved as well — every class allowed me the opportunity to listen to someone else’s perspective that really helped me to take a step back and try and see a situation through someone else’s eyes.”

After Graduation – Dan has used the skills and knowledge he has acquired, he partnered up and opened his own Jimmy John’s restaurant, after working with the company for years. Dan has showed that it is never too late to work towards your dream.

Tiarra Davis – (Medical Assistant Program / Grad. 2010)

Tiarra Davis“Attending Davis College prepared me to be confident in my field. The education I received at Davis helped me transition smoothly into the professional world. I was placed in an amazing clinic for my externship and from there I was able to secure a job that I love!”

After Graduation – Tiarra went on to become a Medical Assistant at University Toledo Medical Center after graduation. Soon being promoted to Supervisor and now is a Clinic Manager in the Heart and Vascular Department. Tiarra is a prime example of hard work and dedication.


Davis gave me the confidence that I lacked and the skills I needed for the business world.

Tamatha Fayne, Davis Graduate

I have reached my goal of getting an associate degree. I am extremely proud that I am making a better life for my son and me.

Crystal Thompson, Davis Graduate

The small student-centered classes I received at Davis helped me in creating a positive atmosphere in training my staff.

Sara Torres, Davis Graduate

Davis College gave me the skills to be successful and I truly enjoyed the smaller classes and instruction that each teacher gave to the students.

Mark Ryan, Davis College Graduate