Applicants who have completed high school graduation requirements or have successfully completed the General Education Development Test (GED), and have successfully completed the other admissions requirements of the College are eligible to apply for admission. Formal acceptance to Davis College will be determined once verification of successful completion of high school or GED requirements has been obtained.

Please refer to the Academic Catalog for information about Davis College’s credit transfer policy.

Experiential Learning Credit

The assessment of Prior Learning, also known as Experiential Learning, is designed to provide students with an alternative method of obtaining college credit. Knowledge acquired from a combination of work experience, non-credit courses, seminar training and workshops may translate into college credit.

College credit may also be applied for CLEP scores using the ACE recommended score for a particular exam. For more information visit:

Benefits of Applying for Prior Learning College Credit
• Helps Reduce the Overall Cost of College Education
• Reduces the Number of Courses Needed to Complete a Program
• Less Time to Reach Graduation
• Credits May Transfer to Other Colleges and Universities


Credit for Prior Learning may be transferable at the discretion of other institutions and/or accrediting bodies.

Fee: The fee for Credit for Prior Learning is $100 per credit hour. (Federal financial aid may not be used to pay this fee.)

Credit hours earned for Prior Learning shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total hours of the program in which the student is enrolled.

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