Experiential Learning Credit

The assessment of Prior Learning, also known as Experiential Learning, is designed to provide students with an alternative method of obtaining college credit. Knowledge acquired from a combination of work experience, non-credit courses, seminar training, and workshops may translate into college credit.

College credit may also be applied for CLEP scores using the ACE recommended score for a particular exam. For more information visit: www.collegeboard.org/clep.

Benefits of Applying for Prior Learning College Credit

  • Helps Reduce the Overall Cost of College Education
  • Reduces the Number of Courses Needed to Complete a Program
  • Less Time to Reach Graduation
  • Credits May Transfer to Other Colleges and Universities


Credit for Prior Learning may be transferable at the discretion of other institutions and/or accrediting bodies.


The fee for Credit for Prior Learning is $100 per credit hour. (Federal financial aid may not be used to pay this fee.)

Credit hours earned for Prior Learning shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the total hours of the program in which the student is enrolled.

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