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Accounting and Human Resources Training in Toledo, OH

The Accounting and Human Resources program prepares students with the skills for employment in a variety of work environments in business and industry. Specific emphasis will be placed on the accounting cycle, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, personal tax returns, accounting software, and payroll accounting. In addition, knowledge and skills in the areas of compensation and benefits, employee training and development, employment law and regulations, and employee recruitment and planning will be emphasized.

Upon completion of the Associate of Applied Business degree with a major in Accounting and Human Resources, the Davis College graduate will be prepared to:

Accounting and Human Resources Skills You’ll Get

  • Apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)to complete the accounting cycle manually and in a
    computer system and to prepare financial statements.
  • Process payroll and related tax returns.
  • Review compensation and benefit plans.
  • Understand employment laws and ethics related to human resource management.
  • Use oral and written communication skills to interact effectively in the work environment.
  • Apply the principles of the General Education Core and the Business Core.

Assessment of Student Learning

When a student has completed the Accounting and Human Resources program, he/she will participate in an interview with the program director. This interview will focus on assessing the skills to ensure the program objectives have been met, and that the student possesses the necessary skills for accounting/human resources positions.

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Accounting and Human Resources Associate Degree Program Outline:

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
ACC101 Accounting Principles l 4
ACC102 Accounting Principles ll 4
ACC101 Accounting Principles I 4
ACC102 Accounting Principles II 4
ACC109 Accounting Software Review 4
ACC111 Payroll Accounting 4
ACC135 Federal Income Tax 4
ACC225 Accounting/Human Resource Project 3
BUS Business Elective 1
CAS122 Spreadsheet Applications 3
CAS212 Advanced Spreadsheets 3
MGT102 Introduction to Business 5
MGT110 Personal Finance 4
MGT115 Human Resource Management 4
MGT160 Human Resource Training and Development 4
MGT220 Human Resource Law and Benefits 4
MGT Management Elective 4
OAM223 Business Communications 4
COM121 Composition I 5
COM122 Composition II 5
COM Communication Elective 4
HUM Humanities Elective 4
MTH102 Introductory Algebra I 5
SSC201 Economics 4
IDS110 Forum on Technology and Resources 5

Total Program Credit Hours: 91

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