Get the Skills to Become an Early Childhood Education Professional

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Davis College’s Early Childhood Education program gets you the skills for a rewarding career

Early Childhood Education Career Training in Toledo, OH

The Associate Degree program in Early Childhood Education prepares students for careers in early childhood settings. The course work in this degree assists students in formulating a developmentally appropriate approach to the education of young children. In addition, the program prepares the student for administrative positions within early childcare settings.

Early Childhood Skills You’ll Get

Upon completion of the Associate of Applied Science degree with a major in Early Childhood Education, the Davis College graduate will be prepared to:

  • Identify the domains of child development and appropriate teaching aids for each domain.
  • Identify management theories and apply these techniques to day-to-day operations of an early childhood setting.
  • Analyze and resolve conflicts within an early childhood setting.
  • Earn CPR certification.
  • Incorporate various approaches to art, music, and play in early childhood curriculum.
  • Use oral and written communication skills to interact effectively with parents, colleagues, and the community on a professional level.
  • Apply the principles of the General Education Core and the Business Core.

Admissions Requirements for the Early Childhood Education program

Background Check – Ohio Senate Bill 38, enacted October 29, 1993, requires individuals engaged in childcare activity to complete a background check by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification (BCII) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

These background checks cannot reveal any convictions for any of the criminal offenses listed in the Ohio Senate Bill 38. In order for the student to be accepted to the program, he/she will be required to complete a background check and assume the cost for this background check.

Course and program requirements are subject to change as required by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services (ODJFS) and the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

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Early Childhood Education Associate Degree Program Outline

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours.
ECE102 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 5
ECE121 Early Childhood Development – Prenatal to Kindergarten 4
ECE130 Special Education in Early Childhood 4
ECE140 Art Music and Play for Early Childhood Education 4
ECE150 Early Childhood Health and Safety 4
ECE205 Guidance and Classroom Management in Early Childhood 4
ECE209 Emergent Literacy for Young Children 4
ECE211 Early Childhood Organization/Administration/Licensing 4
ECE250 Early Childhood Education Practicum and Seminar 5
ACC101 Accounting Principles I 4
MGT102 Introduction to Business 5
MGT/MKT Management or Marketing Elective 4
BUS138 Workplace Safety/CPR 1
OAM223 Business Communications 4
COM121 Composition I 5
COM122 Composition II 5
COM Communication Elective 4
CAS Computer Elective 3
HUM Humanities Elective 4
MTH102 Introductory Algebra I 5
SSC Social Science Elective 4
IDS110 Forum on Technology and Resources 5

Total Program Credit Hours: 91

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