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介绍美国教育体系   如何专业申请美国学校

Group of international students.
Get the skills and training needed to succeed in the American education system

Introduction to the American Education

 How to Apply to American Schools Professionally


Language: Mandarin Chinese

授课老师:  曾燕教授
Instructor: Prof. Yan Zeng

Free Service: Prof. Yan Zeng provides free service for students to apply to Davis College

联系方式:​​​​​​4258762743 (微信/短信/电话)
Contact:  4258762743(WeChat/Message/Phone)
Email[email protected]     

招生范围:对所有人开放,没有名额限制,包括中国和全球的大学生,中学生/高中生、研究生、家长 、升学转学指导老师、教育工作者

Students: Open enrollment to anyone, including college students, middle and high school students, graduate students, parents, recruiting counselors, and educators in China and other countries.


  1. 点击申请表,线上快速完成报名
  2. 学费199美元
  3. 获得Davis College中文欢迎邮件和上课链接
  4. 点击邮件中的课程链接开始学习
  5. 该课程全年开放,任何时候都可以报名

How to register and take classes:

  1. Click Application Form, complete the simple online application
  2. Tuition $199
  3. Receive a Chinese WELCOME email from Davis College and the class link
  4. Click the link in email and start the course
  5. The course is open year-round and can be registered at any time


  1. 本课从美国学校招生部门的角度提供美国各种学校指导、步骤和申请方法
  2. 教导如何规范申请美国学校,提升准确率和成功率
  3. 大众化科普教育,简单易懂,清晰高效
  4. 申请简单,不要求提供任何成绩单和雅思、托福、护照、银行证明、 I20和签证等文件
  5. 沒有年龄、地域和国籍的限制,通过戴维斯学院网课系统向全球开放


  1. Provide guidance, steps and methods applying to American schools in general.
  2. Teach how to apply to American schools in ways that can meet school admission requirements and increase accuracy and success rate.
  3. Open to the public and easy to understand.
  4. No need for any transcripts, IELTS, TOEFL, passport, bank statement, I20, and visa. Simply apply to the course.
  5. No age restrictions, no nationality restrictions, open to anyone through Davis College’s online course system

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