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Get the Skills to Become a Project Management Professional

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Learn how to plan, organize, and direct special projects with our Project Management program

24 Month* Project Management Career Training in Toledo, OH

If you’re a natural leader with strong decision-making skills, and you’re looking to get established in a rewarding professional career, Davis College’s Project Management program can put you on-track towards a bright future as a Project Manager.

Become a Project Management Professional

Project Managers are the glue that hold a project together. They play the lead role in planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing projects. Without skilled Project Managers, many projects lack the necessary leadership and direction it takes to succeed.

Next Start Date: Nov 13th, 2023 to Feb 4th, 2024Project Management Associate Degree - Winter Quarter: Winter Quarter Davis College - Davis College Four Seagate, Suite 202, 433 N. Summit Street Toledo OH USA 43604 Put your leadership skills to good use by becoming a Project Manager. Learn how to plan, organize, and direct projects in a timely manner. College

The best way to see if Davis College is right for you is to come in and tour the school. You can see our facilities and meet with teachers and students. Schedule a Tour Now or Get More Info.

Program Outline

Introduction to Business

The student will study the basic concepts of business operations in our society and the various functions within a business enterprise. Topics such as business environment, management, organization, marketing, finance, economics and accounting are discussed in an introductory manner. This course is a valuable starting point for further business management study or an excellent review of the fundamentals of business.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite(s): None


Basic marketing principles covering product development and termination, distribution strategies, promotion, pricing, and marketing analysis are covered. Specifics such as conducting marketing research, ethics, the marketing environment, and target market analysis are also included. The student is expected to complete a marketing plan to enhance the theoretical and practical understanding of the marketing decision-making process.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Business

Principles of Selling

This course explores the concepts and principles utilized in performing the role of the sales professional. Topics include trust-based relationship selling, customer value and overcoming buyer concerns and resistance. Students will examine effective communication styles that lead to customer satisfaction.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

International Business

Students will learn basic international business concepts and skills necessary to function successfully as world-class employees in today’s global economy. This course will incorporate international economics, global entrepreneurship, human resource management issues, exporting and importing, interacting with foreign governments, cultural geography, cultures and regulations, as well as domestic regulations affecting those firms who seek to do business outside their home country.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Business

Management Principles

Management Principles is designed to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of management, administrative staff, and operations management. The student will conduct a thorough examination of contemporary management including different types of planning, organizational tools and trends, the various styles of leadership, and the management control process.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Business

Project Management Fundamentals

This course introduces the student to the fundamentals of project management. Learning how to manage schedules, ensure quality, manage team development, apply ethical standards, plan and manage procurements, establish budgets, and employ communication strategies are covered in this course.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

AGILE Fundamentals

This course introduces the student to the Agile approach to project management. Values and principles of the “Agile Manifesto” are covered in this course.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

SCRUM Fundamentals

This course introduces the student to the Agile framework, SCRUM. The roles of “Product Owner”, “SCRUM Master”, and “SCRUM Team” are covered in this course.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

Capstone Project

This course allows the student to apply the knowledge and skills learned to a capstone project.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

Project Management Externship

This course has been developed to offer Project Management students an opportunity to work in a digital marketing environment. The externship experience will provide the student with an opportunity to gain marketable, real-world skills while exploring career interests. Application of classroom skills and knowledge will be applied to a work setting in a digital marketing related environment. The student will work with the Program Director to secure a site and outline goals and expectations.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite(s): None

Management, Marketing or Real Estate Elective
Business Elective
Spreadsheet Applications

This course provides all the tools necessary to create and use basic spreadsheet techniques employing Microsoft Excel. Concepts include preparing an Excel workbook, enter and edit data, inserting formulas, formatting the worksheet, create and edit charts and graphics, save and print workbooks.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): Forum on Technology and Resources

Computer Elective
Composition I

Students will gain a foundation for college level writing valuable for nearly any field. This course focuses not only on writing but also on reading and critically engaging various texts. Students will read and write essays with a variety of rhetorical purposes: Observing, explaining, investigating, evaluating, problem solving and arguing. Also includes library and electronic research culminating in research papers.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite(s): Forum on Technology and Resources

Composition II

This course further develops students’ ability to write for academic and professional contexts with increased emphasis on argumentation and research. Requires students to evaluate, integrate, and document print and digital sources to produce a range of academic and multimodal texts, culminating in a fully documented research paper. Composition II is a blended course using both classroom and web-based learning platforms.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite(s): Composition I with a grade of “C” or better or permission of the General Education Program Director; Forum on Technology and Resources

Communication Elective
Humanities Elective
Forum on Technology and Resources

This interdisciplinary course empowers students to be successful by providing opportunities to cultivate skills needed to enhance their careers and to be capable life-long learners. Essential computer applications that enhance marketability are integrated with self-management skills, critical thinking, learning strategies, and time management. Students will research topics for written and oral reports and develop a career portfolio.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite(s): None

Introductory Algebra I

This course is an introduction to algebra. The content will cover the study of operations on integers and rational number, the solution of equations with one and two unknown variables, linear equation, and coordinate graphing. Application problems are used extensively throughout the course.

Credit Hours: 5
Prerequisite(s): None

Business Communications

This course will enable students to develop communication skills that will be effective in job placement, performance, career advancement, and organizational success. Students will develop effective writing, listening, presenting, and interview skills through the process of practice, application, and meaningful feedback. Students will learn the organizational skills necessary for success in contemporary technology-driven business environments. For maximum student benefit, this course should be taken in a student’s last quarter.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): Composition I; Forum on Technology and Resources


This class will utilize real-world economic applications to create a basic understanding of economic concepts and our economic system. It includes an introductory range of both macro and microeconomic concepts. The basics of consumer demand, supply decision making, competition, the labor market, government intervention, the Business Cycle, as well as an overview of Monetary and Fiscal Policies will be covered.

Credit Hours: 4
Prerequisite(s): None

How Davis College Prepares You for Success

The Project Management program at Davis College will prepare you to apply quantitative and qualitative knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to manage projects in a wide range of fields and occupations. You will understand the elements and principles of project planning, and learn how to apply ethical standards to the project management process.

During your Project Management degree program, you will cover a variety of topics in many interesting and engaging courses, including,

  • Principles of Selling
  • International Business
  • Management Principles
  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • AGILE Fundamentals
  • SCRUM Fundamentals

At Davis College, you won’t be alone. Throughout your program, you will be given exceptional support from your instructors who will help you to put your best foot forward into the job market.

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Four Day Week

Davis College supports your life schedule, which is why classes only run Monday through Thursday. By having a shorter class week you can balance your schedule more easily, letting you focus on completing your program. You can relax knowing that you have an extra day every week to accommodate whatever obstacles life throws your way.

Externship and Career Services

Near the end of your training at Davis College, you will complete an externship, giving you the workplace confidence you need to pursue your career goals. Your externship will let you apply your new Project Management skills, and help you gain relevant work experience.

Davis College is dedicated to your employment success and provides you with resources to help you achieve a rewarding career. The Career Services Office is your link to the Toledo business community. You will have access to resume writing strategies, portfolio development, job search techniques, and more.

Financial Aid Support

Career training is one of the most valuable investments you can make. Davis College helps by making this process easier. Our Financial Aid advisors will work with you to build a plan of how you can fund your education. They will help you determine your eligibility and provide options for a Federal Pell Grant, student federal aid options, the Davis College plan, and more.

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