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Get the Skills Needed for Effective Student Recruitment

International student smiling in a classroom.
Learn what it takes to build a better recruitment strategy for attracting students

Techniques and Skills in Recruitment Student Application Course

If you are a recruiting agent or educator, you have come to the right class!
Do you wish to serve your customers/students with information they need?
Do you want to obtain a formal American college recruitment certificate?
Do you want to know how to attract more customers/students?
We welcome you!

We offer 30 classes, 45 minutes each

  • You will receive training, information, skills, and strategies to better serve your customers/students.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will receive a formal recruitment agent certificate from Davis College which will attract more customers.
  • You can upgrade your existing business for better results.

Most importantly, you will be recognized as a well-trained, professional agent and win the trust of your customers and students.

Your success is our priority!

We have the same goal: Ensuring that each student’s unique educational needs are met.

Course: Techniques and Skills in Recruitment Student Application

Best Way to Recruit Students

Class 1   American College and University System Overview
Class 2   Two-year College Overview
Class 3   Two- year College Overview (con’t) Davis College & 2+2 Program
Class 4   Four-year College and University Overview
Class 5   Evaluation, Preparation and Application
Class 6   College and University Interview
Class 7   Admission and Conditional Offer
Class 8   English Requirements and Placement Test
Class 9   English Language Program (ELP)
Class 10   Study Plan, Advising, Tutoring and Student Peer Advising
Class 11   Campus Resources
Class 12   Running Start and High School Completion Program
Class 13   Majors, Minors, and Certificates
Class 14   I-20, On-campus Jobs, OPT, CPT and Work Permit
Class 15   Common Application System and College/University Application
Class 16   Personal Statement (PS)
Class 17   Pre-Orientation, Orientation and Cultural Understanding
Class 18   Syllabus-New to International Students
Class 19   Overview of Public & Private School
Class 20   Preparation and Application for Private School
Class 21   High School Interview Preparation and Practice
Class 22   ELL, ESL & Bridge Programs
Class 23   Honor Program
Class 24   Passport, I-20, SEVIS, Visa, Education Fairs
Class 25   Housing, Homestay, Visitor & Health Insurances
Class 26   Marketing & Recruitment Strategies
Class 27   Sample Agreements/Forms
Class 28   30 Answers You Must Know if You Study in America
Class 29   30 Answers You Must Know if You Study in America (con’t)
Class 30   Finding Your Future Students, Important Websites

The textbook of 30 Answers You Must Know if You Study in America written by Prof. Yan Zeng will be used in classes.

30 Answers You Must Know if You Study in America

Chapter 1   How Can I Apply for A Top University without Providing A TOEFL Or IELTS Score?
Chapter2   How Can I Get A High School Diploma from A College?
Chapter 3   What Should I Do if I Am Unable to Attend Due To Unforeseen Medical Circumstances?
Chapter 4   Why Does The Transfer Student Rate Seem Higher When Transferring To A University from A College with An Associate’s Degree Than from A High School Entering As A Freshman?
Chapter 5   Can My Tuition Be Paid in Installments?
Chapter 6   What Should Parents Do If They Can’t Reach Their Children?
Chapter 7   Are All Students Able To Live in Dormitory Housing after Admission?
Chapter 8   What Should I Do if I Receive A Warning from The School?
Chapter 9   What Should I Do if My I-20 Is Terminated?
Chapter 10   What Documents Do I Need to Transfer to Other American Schools?
Chapter11   Why Does It Seem Easier To Get A Higher Grade in Certain Colleges?
Chapter 12   What Are the Main Legal Points on The I-20 That Students Must Know?
Chapter 13   Why Do I Need to Take Another Test When I Declare My Major?
Chapter 14   Can I Get A Refund for My Tuition if I Am Unable To Attend?
Chapter 15   Why Do Students Get Higher Scores for TOEFL After Taking College Courses?
Chapter 16   How Do Some Students Graduate from Top Universities at Only 19 Years Old?
Chapter 17   Is It Possible for Parents To Accompany Their Children While They Study in America?
Chapter 18   What Advantages Do Community Colleges Offer?
Chapter 19   Why Do Some Schools Have Different Requirements for Vaccines?
Chapter 20   Why Can’t Parents Check Their Children’s Grades and Transcripts in College?
Chapter 21   How Much Money Is Appropriate to Bring When I Come to The U.S.?
Chapter 22   How Could She Get A High School Diploma after She Graduated from College?
Chapter 23   What Is A Syllabus?
Chapter 24   Why Won’t the School Accept My Bank Statement?
Chapter 25   How Could A 15 Year-old International Student Get Admission and An I-20 from A College?
Chapter 26   What Is A Good Way to Find Out The Ranking Of A School for My Particular Area of Interest?
Chapter 27   How Can A Tourist Visa Be Converted Into A Student Visa?
Chapter 28   Why Is University Admission Different from Department Admission?
Chapter 29   What Should You Write about in A Personal Statement?
Chapter 30   How Does My Child Apply for a Public Middle School?

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